Sunday, 19 February 2012

...a commission

A lady at work saw me knitting the baby blanket that I finished this week on my lunch break, and she asked me to knit one for her, as she has just recently become a grandmother. AND she will pay me :) 

I have never been asked to make something before and been paid for it. I'm not sure how much to charge her. I think maybe £10 is fair ? I will obviously make the full sized blanket and supply the wool. 

This will be next project, a little boring for blog I know as I have already blogged the pattern and such but I will start something else on pay day when I am able to buy some more interesting coloured wool and start a granny square blanket for my spare room at home. I have knitted a large granny square before and gave it to my friend for a baby blanket, I was quite impressed with it myself...

Laura Makes x

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  1. Hey - i just thought id let you know i'm awarding you one of my liebster bloggers! Keep up the great blogging! xx